WaterGym Water Aerobics Float Belt for Aqua Jogging and Deep Water Exercise with Weight Loss Workout DVD/Music CD/Cue Card – Size Small-Blue Review

WaterGym Water Aerobics Float Belt for Aqua Jogging and Deep Water Exercise with Weight Loss Workout DVD/Music CD/Cue Card - Size Small-Blue

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  • BELT COMES IN 2 SIZES: Small and Medium/Large. See SIZING INFORMATION below. This listing is for SMALL size. Also available in MED/LARGE on Amazon.
  • COMES WITH 3-PART WATERGYM® WEIGHT LOSS DVD KIT: Kit includes: 50-minute Instructional DVD showing all 20 exercises & variations, a 45-minute Music Workout CD with music & verbal instructions and Waterproof Cue Card. To learn more about this fun workout, zoom in on back cover of DVD jacket. (thumbnail photo to left)
  • NEW IMPROVED design as of 2016! (see bottom photo) Our state-of-the-art design is now tapered and streamlined in TWO places to comfortably fit your body’s natural curves. Under your arms, narrowing at your waistline to allow full freedom of movement, and in front, narrowing around your ribcage to allow deep, unrestricted breathing and ultimate comfort. No more rib digging, chafing, bruising or pinching! Designed by aquatic expert and creator of WaterGym®. Thousands sold worldwide since 2000.
  • BELT HAS SMOOTH SOFT FINISH: Our unique custom molded process creates a “smooth natural finish” that feels soft and silky against your skin. Will not cause skin irritation, chafing or scratching. And our sporty, attractive, royal blue color is solid throughout the belt, because it’s not vinyl coated or painted, so our color won’t fade and the outside won’t chip off, flake or peel. And our sanitary micro-closed cell foam eliminates mold, mildew & germ carrying bacteria and is unaffected by salt or chlorinated water.
  • MADE IN U.S.A. Yes it costs a little more. But we believe in creating the highest quality products and supporting jobs here at home. NOT A LIFESAVING DEVICE. This product is NOT a lifesaving device or personal flotation device and should only be used by qualified water exercisers or swimmers and never by children or non-swimmers. See more info in IMPORTANT INFORMATION-Legal Disclaimer section below. Foam is latex free, but elastic strap is not.

WaterGym® is a fun, non-impact DEEP WATER AEROBIC WORKOUT that teaches you to use water as a powerful gym. WaterGym® helps reduce body fat, burn calories, tone and build lean muscle, strengthen abdominals, increase flexibility, improve posture and is fun and feels good! For 30 years, WaterGym® has helped thousands worldwide of all ages and fitness abilities look and feel their best.

HOW TO USE DVD KIT: First, watch DVD on computer to learn exercises. Then take Music CD and waterproof card to pool. Load CD into a music player (or pre-load into a waterproof iPod) and you’re ready to go! Susanne’s verbal instructions and music will guide you step-by-step through each exercise. Exercises on DVD match music tracks on CD and color photos on cue card. Pool only needs to be deep enough that when wearing a float belt you can stretch legs down and not hit bottom.

SIZING INFORMATION: Adjustable black elastic strap on ALL belt sizes is 50” long. Sizes differ only in length and width of blue foam. Buoyancy needs and waist measurement determine size.

SMALL BLUE FOAM is approx. 28 x 5½ inches. Fits waist sizes 27-50 inches. Pick SMALL if you’re female and have average buoyancy needs or if your waist is 32 inches or less.

MED/LRG BLUE FOAM is approx. 33 x 5¾ inches. Fits waist sizes 33-50 inches. Pick M/L if you’re male (most men need M/L due to lean muscle) or you’re female with waist above 33 inches who needs more buoyancy or foam to go further around waist.

TO SEE HOW SIZES WILL FIT measure 28 & 33 inches around waist to see approx. where blue foam fits. Foam doesn’t have to go all around waist for comfortable fit and adequate buoyancy.

SIZE OF BLUE FOAM CAN VARY (±1½ inches) in length and (±½ inch) in width, and can vary slightly in texture and color. Doesn’t affect function of belt.

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