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GoGlove A Wireless Bluetooth Remote to Control Your Smartphone. Review

GoGlove A Wireless Bluetooth Remote to Control Your Smartphone.

  • Control your music, apps, camera, and GoPro right from your fingertips. Customize functions with our Free App for iOS and Android
  • Use the stand-alone remote for controlling your phone or GoPro in warmer weather.
  • GoGlove is a liner using high quality Polartec material. It works great under any outer glove
  • Battery life is 6 months of DAILY use. Simply remove screws and replace the coin cell battery
  • For more information please visit

GoGlove is a wearable wireless remote to control your smartphone from the tips of your finger. This bluetooth glove will allow you to leave your phone safely in your pocket and enjoy complete control. Tap your fingers to control your phone and hear the change through your earbuds. GoGlove is perfect for Skiing, Biking, and Running. GoGlove works with music apps including iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play. Use the GoGlove app to control your GoPro from the tips of your fingers. You can turn on/off your GoPro and start/stop right from your glove. You will even hear “GoPro Started” when its recording so you dont have to ask someone if the red light is on any more! When the weather turns warmer you can use the stand-alone remote to control your music.