My Trainer Fitness Workout Plans – My Gym Trainer 1-Beginner, 4-week workout cycle Review

My Trainer Fitness Workout Plans - My Gym Trainer 1-Beginner, 4-week workout cycle

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  • GYM WORKOUTS for BEGINNERS: for the beginning exerciser or gym newbie. 24 complete and integrated workouts for the whole body on sturdy laminated workout cards. Exercises rotate through strength circuits for lower body, upper body, core and cardio in a systematic and effective manner and can last you months and even years for ongoing fitness success.
  • WEIGHT TRAINING for WEIGHT LOSS. All workouts include strength and resistance training using weights: dumbbells, barbells, gym machines and equipment and body weight, plus cardio using treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent and stationery bikes, plus plyometrics.
  • PROVEN WORKOUT SYSTEM: Personal trainer results on your own for a fraction of the cost. Get help at the gym and get fit faster with steady weight loss, muscle toning and muscle definition. For best results, use 6 days per week for 4 weeks of variety before beginning the cycle over. Each complete session takes around 60 minutes and is approximately 50% cardio and 50% weight training.
  • FOR MORE BENEFIT IN LESS TIME: make your My Gym Trainer workouts last longer by splitting up your cardio and weight sessions. By doing cardio on one day and strength training on the next, you can achieve better results as shorter, more intense workouts are proven to be more effective.
  • INCLUDES TIPS, INFORMATION & JOURNAL CARDS: All workouts are completely adaptable to personalize to your fitness level and your gym.

Are you READY to get fit? We love personal trainers but when you can’t afford one all the time, My Gym Trainer is for you!

My Trainer Fitness Gym Trainer manuals are 3-ring binders with 24 Sturdy Removable Laminated Exercise Cards of Complete Workouts to take with you to the gym. Based on 6 workouts/wk, the day 7 card is a day of rest with tips & information.

Workouts average 30-60 min. and are ~50% cardio and ~50% resistance training, for a 4-8 week cycle.

Every workout has been designed by a certified personal trainer and organized to be complete and easy to follow and is for anyone who wants to generate greater results in the gym: lose body fat, feel energized, tone muscle and keep fitness interesting and effective.

The My Gym Trainer series (Books 1, 2 and 3) offers a systematic approach to results, while eliminating the guesswork. After a month or two of going through the workouts you start over again with the Week 1, Day 1 card, so 24 complete sessions before you repeat any one workout.

My Gym Trainer 1 workouts are for anyone who is a Beginner to Gym Exercise and who wants to:
* Get the most out of their gym membership.
* Improve their physical appearance, conditioning and health.
* Improve their emotional and mental well-being.
* Feel better about themselves and their life.
* Break a new challenge to break through a plateau.
* Personal trainer benefits without the expense.
* Effective fitness in between personal trainer sessons.
And for personal trainers who want a handy training tool for their clients and themselves.

Now, you can afford the luxury and fantastic results of a personal trainer with My Gym Trainer, your trainer-to-go for 4-8 weeks of professional workouts worth hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the cost.

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